– China is driving the global games market forward

Newzoo has just released its current Global Games Market Report and forecasts a revenue of $ 108.9 billion from gaming for 2017. Games for smartphones and tablets should account for 46.1 billion dollars of the total market. This would make Mobile the most lucrative segment in the video game business. By 2020, the market share is expected by to grow up to 50 percent.

China is driving the market forward. One of the main reasons for the rapidly growing mobile market is China. The APAC territories are expected to generate almost 47 percent of global sales in 2017. China alone will be responsible for a quarter and reach the mark of 27.5 billion dollars. This means that the US would fall back to second place with 25.1 billion. But even without China, Japan and Korea, Asia is expected to be the fastest growing region in the coming years. The accumulated sales of gaming in the Asian countries without the big three are to reach the mark of 10.5 billion by 2020. Currently, it is 4.5 billion dollars.