– Games industry generates $ 109 billion in digital distribution

As the first recognized provider of market data in the game business, the US company SuperData has now taken stock of 2019. And the Americans are delivering impressive numbers. The industry generated $ 109.4 billion in sales worldwide through the digital distribution of games. SuperData, which belongs to Nielsen, excludes the physical market in its surveys.

The largest submarket is and remains the Mobile Games segment. It is responsible for $ 64.4 billion in sales. PC games account for $ 29.6 billion in sales, console games for $ 15.4 billion and thus only about half of the PC games business. If you differentiate according to business model, then with a share of over 80 percent, free-to-play games are the measure of all things. This is mainly due to the fact that premium games in fact play no role in mobile games. In 2020, the question of how new marketing models and platforms such as Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass and Stadia will affect the development and how and where SuperData will integrate them into your data will be exciting in the mobile segment.