• 20.9 million Germans play mobile games

The Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) has emphasized the importance of online and mobile games for the German market and its companies. According to the latest data from the Association for Consumer Research (GfK) based on a representative survey of 25,000 German, 20.9 million people in Germany play games on their smartphones and tablets.
Source: BIU, IEM Consulting


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• Germany: 2.4 billion Euro sales with games in 2013

According to the Association for Consumer Research (GfK), the German gamers have invested in 2013, 2.41 billion Euro in new games hardware and software. The hardware expenses amounted to approximately 590 million euros. A total of 69.5 million games have been sold to 73.8 million in the previous year.
Source: GfK, BIU, IEM Consulting


• Mobile: Smartphone games account for 75% of app store spending in 2013

Google Play and iOS games accounted for 75 per cent of app store spending in 2013 according to reports from Deccan Chronicle and App Annie.
Source: Deccan Chronicle, App Annie, IEM Consulting


• USA / Europe: Wedbush Securities forecast the games market to grow at a 4 percent annual rate over the 2014 – 2016 period

According to Wedbush Securities latest report combined U.S. and European software markets are forecast to grow at a 4 percent rate over the 2014 – 2016 period. The report sees the new consoles spurring big growth for the industry as software sales take off in the next several years.  The most important trends is the expanding age demographic of the interactive game consumer, accompanied by an increasing level of disposable income and the propensity to spend that income on entertainment and here especially for games.
Source: Wedbush Securities, IEM Consulting


• Global: DFC Intelligence predicts the games industry will approach around $100 billion in revenue by 2018

In its new report, the researchers at DFC Intelligence have raised their worldwide game revenue forecast to $77 billion in 2014 (up from $68 billion in 2013), and by 2018 the firm believes the industry will be fast approaching $100 billion, reaching about $96 billion.
Source: DFC Intelligence, Gamesindustry.biz, IEM Consulting

• Global: DFC Intelligence predicts PC gaming market to exceed $25 billion this year

The market research company DFC Intelligence raised its forecast for the global PC gaming market this year from $22 billion to $25 billion. DFC acts on the assumption that core gamers seem to be willing to spend more money than ever this year. While Asia remains a big contributor to the market, interestingly DFC found that core PC gameplay in the West increased in 2013 versus 2012, and the firm expects 2014 to be strong as well.
Source: DFC Intelligence, Gamesindustry.biz, IEM Consulting

• Global: Top Ten Online PC Games 2013

The market research company SuperData has released a new survey of the top ten online PC games earning over US$100 million in global microtransactions last year.
China’s Tencent led the list, as both publisher of the top grossing game CrossFire (US$957 million) and owner of League of Legends (US$624 million) developer Riot Games, which placed second.
Other Asian companies leading the list included third, fifth and tenth place (in partnership with Valve) holder Nexon (Dungeon Fighter Online, US$426 million; Maple Story, US$326 million; Counter-Strike Online, US$121 million), as well as sixth place NCsoft (Lineage I, US$257 million).
Source: SuperData Research, IEM Consulting


• USA: Digital sales with games rise by 11% in 2013

U.S. market research company Superdata publishes the data to the U.S. digital market in 2013. The digital sales with games rose last year by eleven percent to 11.7 billion US dollars. The strongest segment in the digital business were free-to-play games which have risen by 45 percent to $ 2.9 billion. This accounted for 25 percent of sales in the digital market to that segment. In second place are digital downloads for the PC with an annual increase of eleven percent to 2.1 billion US Dollars.
Source: SuperData Research, IEM Consulting


• China: Games Market is growing by 38% in 2013

The Chinese games market has grown in 2013 by 38% over the previous year and hits about 13 billion US Dollars market volume. About 60% of sales are generated with client-based PC games, 15% with PC browser games and another 15% with mobile games.
Source: gamesinasia.com, IEM Consulting